"I've known and worked with Kim and Bookkeeper Girl for several years. Her work is of the highest quality. She delivers quality work on time at reasonable rates." KIM RAMEY CPA



What a perfect theme for the Launch of Bookkeeper Girl Illinois. I attended the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business 2 Business Tradeshow on October 16th, 2014, with one of my Super 7 consultants – Lisa James. It was amazing. We were warmly welcomed by everyone in the business community as we celebrated Lisa’s Ribbon Cutting ceremony at our booth.

Speaking of our booth, it was of course branded with all kinds of Bookkeeper Girl bling: black and white zebra print, hot pink, and rhinestones and flash. “Most-unique booth, Very eye-catching, and Best booth of the show” were some of the compliments given.

Lisa and I charmed and wowed the participants...

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