Bookkeeper Girl From Kim’s Desk

A Year of Personal and Professional Growth
It is hard for me to believe it has already been a year for Bookkeeper Girl, Inc.! This month we enjoyed a wonderful anniversary celebration with our clients and business acquaintances.
As I reflect on the past year, I look back and smile at not only the growth the business has experienced, but the growth I have experienced as well. As a new small business owner, I have learned so much about life itself through daily operations, through wearing many different hats, and how structure adds a calm to your life.
Having a year under my belt, I have a peace within me that I did not have a year ago. Although I continue to work hard, I have learned that sleep does matter and good planning allows time for sleep!
Personally, I have learned more about sharing with others. When I first launched the company last year, I was more like a toddler who had not learned to share her favorite toy! Now, enjoying coffee conversations with my husband and actually listening to his thoughts, rather than the reversed roles, have actually become a favorite past time of mine. I have learned to not fret so much over the small stuff- which I might add is easier said than done for me!
Although we are a young company, we have reaped the benefits of hard work and integrity this year. I remember the excitement I felt as we brought on a few new clients each month, which now has turned into adding new clients each week.
The power of togetherness means so much more to me than it did a year ago. Our company has been blessed with incredible business relationships that I feel confident will be life-long.
Teamwork has certainly been learned by all of us. Building a team and utilizing their talents was something that was taught to me from my very first client, Chuck Smith, located in Dallas. It is ironic that the wisdom he has shared with me over the years, I am now sharing and implementing into my own company. I have witnessed firsthand at how teaching what you know is a true blessing to everyone.

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