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Female Owned Business Creates Magazine Recycle Program to Benefit Elderly, Among Other PracticesIn addition to her standard eco-friendly business practices, Kim Cash owner of Bookkeeper Girl Inc., has combined environmentalism with community involvement with one of her latest projects. Every week, Bookkeeper Girl Inc. rounds up her company’s magazine subscriptions, as well as those of all of her clients who participate in the program, and donates them to local retirement home facilities.The result is hours of free reading for area senior citizens who have otherwise been facing subscription fees or magazines that are long out of date. The organized effort produces magazines for readers looking for almost any genre of topic. The weekly event not only brings joy to the elderly of surrounding communities but also helps save the environment as well as the magazines are recycled for new readers.
Bookkeeper Girl Inc. has always focused on being environmentally friendly. The bookkeeping firm focuses on online bookkeeping, minimizing the need for paper as well as car travel to a central office. Instead, all clients are able to submit their information electronically, and when receipts or printed material are necessary, they are placed in eco-friendly and reusable tote bags which are picked up by Bookkeeper Girl Inc. employees. Clients easily place their magazines in with their receipts and other documents each week, maximizing donations and ease of giving while minimizing a carbon footprint. Bookkeeper Girl Inc. has also taken the cause to sponsoring recent Green Business Expo events. And in difficult economic times, it also works to reduce costs, allowing Bookkeeper Girl Inc. to transfer the savings to low rates for her clients.
As Bookkeeper Girl Inc. expands across the region and the nation, Kim Cash hopes to expand the magazine program as well, reaching thousands of elderly residents across dozens of retirement communities. With the help of her clients and other members of the community, that goal is quickly being reached.

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