"Kim is a unique combination of creativity and analytics. Both are required in business these days. Kim has an outstanding dedication to her clients while serving her community and engaging in organizations to support and encourage women in business. She has the loyalty of her clients and respect from those who work with her. She is a business women who understands the complexities of life today demand a personal interest in supporting the businesses she serves." CAROLYN CORPORON VP Marketing CosmoProf, Division Of Beauty Systems Group LLC /SBH


Kim Cash

BookkeeperGirl.com – a leading online bookkeeping service located in Austin, TX – announced today that it is America’s newest (and possibly only!) partner-licensed, online bookkeeping service. BookkeeperGirl.com, which was started six years ago by Kim Cash with a laptop, a loyal client, and an idea of making bookkeeping affordable for small businesses – has decided to expand its business nationwide by offering bookkeepers the opportunity to license Bookkeeper Girl in their local area.
“I have always had the vision of taking Bookkeeper Girl nationwide and making it America’s online bookkeeper,” says Cash. “By moving Bookkeeper Girl to a licensee model, I’m able to make this vision a reality and help other entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality as well.”

BookkeeperGirl.com first opened its virtual doors in 2008 and opened its first physical office later that year in Denton, TX. In 2009, Kim Cash expanded her business with a remote office in Dallas. In 2011, the company added an office in Austin, TX, and in 2013, the office in Abilene joined the burgeoning company. The online, remote bookkeeping business has remained quite successful during the tough economic times of the past six years. Bookkeeper Girl has an online system that uses technology to provide a personal touch without all the expense and time drain of a face-to-face meeting.

"We have clients who have started their business during this time, and we are able to handle a whole department for them," Kim Cash said. "We do everything online and save them so much money."

They use Intuit QuickBooks for managing their clients’ finances, and through tools such as Yammer, Skype, email, and texting they are able to communicate securely and efficiently to provide their clients the experience of having a bookkeeper on staff without the added expense. From Day 1, Cash believed that through the use of technology she could reduce the cost of payroll and bookkeeping to just pennies on the dollar and provide small businesses with an essential service to help their businesses grow. And Bookkeeper Girl has grown right along with them!

Adopting a Licensee Model

The other vision that Kim Cash had from the very beginning was to be the number one provider of outsourced bookkeeping and payroll services nationwide, but Kim was impatient with the model of expanding one office at a time.
“After working this business for six years, I knew that the business model worked,” says Kim. “I’m very big on not duplicating effort needlessly, and every time I developed a process, I did so with the idea of replicating it across the country in other offices. After opening several satellite offices, I realized that I now had a repeatable formula that I could share with other entrepreneurs in order to expand Bookkeeper Girl more quickly and help even more small business owners.”

About BookkeeperGirl.com - BookkeeperGirl.com provides personalized online bookkeeping and payroll services for the franchisee, franchisor, and small business owner for all industry types in Denton, Dallas, Austin, TX, and the US. Affordable, Online, and Trustworthy have proven to be the key traits to our success. When you join our team, you receive weekly bookkeeping, monthly bank & credit card reconciliations, a partnership with your CPA, and a team whose customer service skills bring maximum benefits to you and your team! Find more information about Bookkeeper Girl on our website at BookkeeperGirl.com.

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