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Grow From Within

There are several internship possibilities available with Bookkeeper Girl

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BKG Internship Program is part of the company’s Giving Back Investment Program. The purpose of this program is to support students in the gaining practical experience in the workforce. WE seek students who are eagert to learn & grow their skills in a fast-paced creative business online environment. Continued relationships with colleges & students are highly developed in this company program.

  • Gains work experience

  • Test Drive Career Path

  • Grow Network

  • Find Mentors

  • Add to Portfolios

  • Professional Development

  • Gain Class Credits

  • Find Future Employees

  • Test Drive Talent

  • Increase Productivity

  • Increase Employee Retention Rate

  • Give Back to Communities

  • Support Students

  • Gain Future Company Megaphones


In order for this program to be successful, mutual takeaways are a must.

Types/Positions Offered:

Cultivating a “Hire Within” attitude, many times, interns who complete the 90 day unpaid are hired for part time & full time positions. Ongoing Internship Openings include: PR/Marketing Internship & Assistant to Administrators/Account Specialists. Virtual environments are highly favored.


Interns are supervised & evaluated by the Coporate Office Adminitstrator. 90 evaluations are provided with details of performance & completion certificates are issued. Those completing the 90 day program are eligible for part-time and/or full-time open positions.

Open Positions:

  • Blogger

  • Videographer

  • Event Planner

  • Bookkeeper

  • Contest Researcher

  • Photographer

  • Sales & Marketing Shadower

  • Creative Branding Artist

  • Admin Assistant


Bookkeeper Girl

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