Bookkeeper Girl – A champion for helping children/famlies

The Ponder Education Foundation, carries the motto of: “Investing in Our Children Today for Tomorrow”. This grant program provides exceptional teachers with additional resources to assist the children in learning. Through contributions received from community- minded businesses such as the Bookkeeper Girl, the Ponder ISD is enabled to continue to grow and further develop their mission of enhancing the quality of education for the children. Kim and Scott Cash are proud to support the Ponder Independent School District, the attendance area of their children.
“The Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home has been meeting the needs of vulnerable children and families for more than 105 years. In 2009 alone, CPCH served 40 children and 11 adults in their residential programs, along with more than 900 people in the non-residential counseling and education programs”. The Bookkeeper Girl is an avid sponsor of the fundraising events that make the work of CPCH possible.
Another entity which exists for the support of children and families in need is The Family Place. “They offer support, ensure a safe place to sleep, a caring counselor to listen and most of all, provide peace, hope and love. “ The Bookkeeper Girl has a soft spot in her heart for these families who have fallen victim to troubled times and helps where and when she can possibly do so.
“The Family Resource Center of North Texas’ mission is to strengthen and support families through education by providing classes, prenatal workshops, child car passenger seat instruction, new parents’ support, substance abuse prevention programs and referral services.” The Family Resource Center of North Texas is a non-profit 501-c-3 agency that could not survive or serve the people without the donations of caring community individuals and businesses such as The Bookkeeper Girl.

Bookkeeper Girl

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