Bookkeeper Girl Fall 2012 Internship: Off to a Great Start!

With the goal to fill the intern slots for the Bookkeeper Girl Sales & Marketing team as well as its operations teams, Bookkeeper Girl is making a strong impact on local college students and Denton, as a whole. Positions are being filled every week, offering numerous opportunities for local students!
Bookkeeper Girl is currently searching for interns to complete the Sales & Marketing team of their prominent small business in Denton, TX. As an annual project, they train new students to work in numerous fields involved with small business.
Denton is home to two major universities, the University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University. Furthermore, North Central Texas College is just down the road in Corinth, TX. With an abundance of over 50,000 students in the area, there is an enormous amount of opportunity for both students and businesses to grow.
Kim Pollard, President of BKG, has caught on to this principle. She believes that giving back to education is important and has integrated this standard into her business. Every semester she gives scholarships and part-time jobs to previous interns who have shown promise in their chosen field. Pollard’s goal is to teach other small business owners, students, and schools how to successfully work together.
This semester Bookkeeper Girl will take on their biggest group of interns yet. Pollard and her associates have been working with local schools to find the best students for the positions. She has also assembled a wide range of Sales & Marketing goals and events, which Bookkeeper Girl interns will complete.
Currently, three local students proudly serve as interns, in the bookkeeping, graphic branding, and communications departments. Two proud students recently graduated from the program and received a scholarship and part-time job. In addition, the TWU School of Business Management has selected Bookkeeper Girl to participate in one of their class projects to help out with the 2013 Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning Annual Report, as well as, helping to build a national sales force team.
In the upcoming weeks, a larger group of interns will be amassed and an inaugural celebration will kick off the fall semester at Bookkeeper Girl. For further information about the Bookkeeper Girl Internship Program, visit or call the local office at 940-566-9787.

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