Bookkeeper Girl is proud to partner with chamber of commerce

The Bookkeeper Girl participates in every way possible to support the Denton Chamber of Commerce because she sees the benefit of her association.
She has been a sponsor for the New Member Orientation held monthly by the Chamber for the new members at which time, they learn about the many services available to them through the Chamber. At the same time, the Bookkeeper Girl is able to enlighten the new Chamber members about her business, so it is a win-win situation.
On January 13, 2010, The Bookkeeper Girl sponsored a booth at the Green Business Conference where attendees and sponsors alike learned more about innovative and low-cost ways to become more green, find out how being green can increase profit margin, and how being a green business can be functional and profitable. Some of the ways in which Bookkeeper Girl is a green business are: using double monitors (eliminating the use of paper); recycling magazines donated from clients and staff to senior citizens through assisted living and senior care facilities; the on-line bookkeeping procedure is web-based, so is paperless and also allows instant contact for clients from afar, meaning no car travel; using tele-conference as much as possible to eliminate driving, wasting time and paper; turning off all equipment at night to save electricity.
Bookkeeper Girl participated in the Business to Business Expo on April 29, 2010, where businesses have the opportunity to promote and showcase their business services to other Chamber members and community persons. Attendees number in the thousands for this worthwhile event.
Staff members of Bookkeeper Girl serve as Ambassadors for the Chamber of Commerce and are regular attendees at ribbon cuttings, after hours mixers, quarterly membership meetings, workshops, and breakfast and luncheon networking meetings. This enables the staff to make new contacts and get acquainted with new businesses and to be visible for others to keep the name and services of Bookkeeper Girl on their minds.

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