Bookkeeper Girl Partners with Local Nonprofits

Bookkeeper Girl Celebrates First Year of Businesss
From a modest beginning of working from an office in her home, to expanding to a two-office location in Denton with a branch office located in Dallas, the Bookkeeper Girl is celebrating her year of growth and success.
In a show of appreciation for their support, Kim Cash, president of Bookkeeper Girl, hosted an anniversary celebration on Oct. 27, for her clients, family, business associates and staff members.
In another display of appreciation for their blessings, Kim and her husband, Scott, presented a check to The Shepherd’s Hand, a local charitable organization, during the anniversary celebration.
“The staff did a lot of research before choosing this extremely worthwhile cause,” Cash said. “There are so many needy people in this day and time, and we wanted to give within the community and know that it would make a difference and be really appreciated. We are confident this donation will be of assistance.” Cash made a first time pledge of $350, and plans a $350 donation every month.
The Shepherd’s Hand first entered the community scene on Oct. 1, 2008 – the same day and year as Bookkeeper Girl, Inc. The Bookkeeper Girl staff did not realize this fact until after the Shepherd’s Hand was chosen to receive the donation, but it was such an inspiring and enlightening coincidence. The Shepherd’s Hand is a non-profit ministry that helps alleviate hunger in Denton County by freely distributing food, clothing and care to the hungry and those in need.
Diana Garrison, executive director of The Shepherd’s Hand, said gifts like the one from Cash are critical. “We receive a lot of clothes and food, but very little money,” the executive director said. “Financial contributions are a real blessing.” When The Shepherd’s Hand opened its doors a year ago, the charity was serving about 400 meals a month. “Now it serves more than 5,000,” Garrison said.
Cash created Bookkeeper Girl, Inc. to be a unique business, and gives the credit of her success to the touch of God’s hand, the love and support of her family, and the guidance from friends and business associates. After spending the past five years gaining experience in the online version of QuickBooks, the Bookkeeper Girl then devised the perfect combination for the company: clients and technology. Cash specializes in online bookkeeping and helps clients ranging from individuals to large corporations by tailoring each client’s bookkeeping solutions to their individual needs.
“It helps that I am extremely organized and believe in a hands-on approach”, Cash said. “I believe the foundation for success in any money management system, at any level, is based on concise bookkeeping with complete trust and a sense of integrity.”

She measures her success in the legacy that she leaves behind and the lives she touches along the way. “It’s not what I gain, but what I give that’s important,” Cash said. “With Bookkeeper Girl, Inc’s success, I will provide exceptional service, great opportunities for stay-at-home parents, and heartfelt involvement for our non-profit partners. To me, this is success.”

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