Bookkeeper Girl Supportive of all Womens Success

In an effort to help women of all ages and walks of life, “Clothes Coach” Becca Bowen creates wardrobes for them from what they already own. She then makes a photo album of the outfits so they can dress for success and pack effortlessly every day. Becca is a very satisfied client of Bookkeeper Girl.
Becca hosts private trunk shows for her clients with proceeds going to their favorite causes – either their “wardrobe wallet” or their favorite charity. The Bookkeeper Girl has been supportive of this effort and attends the trunk shows in Dallas. In doing so, Kim Cash has met and connected with so many other women in business which has widened her circle of contacts for the bookkeeping business.
In addition to the trunk shows, Becca has formed a way for women to meet other women in a fun-filled atmosphere for a stress-free hour or two. This event, called “Sassy Sisters” can be viewed on
Becca also provides organizations with “real-world” wardrobe seminars for all ages, taste and price ranges. Becca can be contacted at or Telephone: 214-924-0271

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