Bookkeeper Girl Turns Fashionista

Bookkeeper Girl witnessed the brilliance and creativity of Texas Woman’s University students at the annual montage fashion show. Each spring TWU juniors and seniors plan, design, and execute a fashion show that features the original designs of the Fashion and Textiles students. This year’s theme was Vida en Vogue, a whimsical, magical, fashion-inspired tea party. And these students did it beautifully.

Bookkeeper Girl enjoyed every detail from the paper lanterns lining the reception area to the floating clocks and mirrors on the runway. Models showed off the one-of-a-kind collections, which included bridal gowns, children’s wear, business attire, and cocktail dresses.

Bookkeeper Girl wants to congratulate all of the graduating seniors at TWU. They put together an impressive fashion show that we were honored to attend. We’d also like to thank Sharon Venable, Community Relations and Development Executive at TWU,for inviting us to the event. We appreciate every opportunity we have to get involved in the community and support students. Bookkeeper Girl was represented by Kim Pollard, president; Maureen Czap, administrative manager; and interns Amelia Jaycen and Megan Saint John. Check out some of the photos we took at

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