Telephone Scam Attempt

Bookkeeper Girl is taking this opportunity to alert all citizens that the office was the recipient of an attempted telephone scam. A recording called and said that our credit card from a certain bank was revoked and if the company wanted to reinstate this card, they should press “1”. If you pressed “1” on the telephone, they then asked for your credit card number.
Bookkeeper Girl does not have a credit card with the bank that was mentioned in the scam, so the company did not stand the chance of being victimized. Our Administrator called the bank who then told her this is a scam that is being conducted using the name of several different banks and that we should alert everyone we know, especially the elderly, to not be taken in by this scare tactic. If you were to give your credit card number, then they would ask for your security pin number from the back of the card which then enables them to use your credit card as if it were their own.
The bank personnel advised that NO ONE should give ANY information over the phone about their credit card number. If a person should receive a telephone call asking for their credit card number and/or information, they should immediately contact their respective bank to report this.
Bookkeeper Girl is urging everyone who reads this blog to pass along this information to alert as many people as they can to be aware of this scam. It is our understanding that a couple of elderly people have already been victimized by thousands of dollars through this credit card telephone scam.

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